Dan On Bass

I’m available!

My band has recently fallen apart and I’m keen to find something new and good to be a part of.

Hit me up if you’re interested

Check out my song lists below – and if you have questions or would like to jam, call me on 0407 175 859.

Please keep in mind that I work full time and also have kids so if I don’t answer – sorry in advance – please do leave a voice mail or send an SMS and I’ll definitely call you ASAP 🙂

My Availability

I’m a 50/50 Dad with an alternating week-on/week-off schedule, so it’s tricky but I make it work:

  • In kids-week I can be available Friday nights
  • In non-kids week, I can be available any night, and any time on the weekend

The kind of music I play


Songs I can play any time

I don’t need to practice for these, I can play them anywhere any time – may be good for an impromptu jam session:

A bigger list of songs I can play

The next list is songs that I either know well, or have previously played them in bands – some are a little rusty but I’m happy to play any of them:

Contact Me

Phone: 0407 175 859
Email: [email protected]