The kind of music I play

(see also: Video demos of me playing)

I play heaps of different stuff - from rock, grunge, metal, modern pop, funk, and more. I'm happy to give anything a try - I learn new songs quickly and I especially enjoy more challenging and interesting basslines like Chili Peppers, RATM, modern stuff like Dua Lipa, some older songs like No Secrets.

So if you don't see "your songs" on my list, call anyway - if there's something you wanna play together then I'll learn it, most things are no problem.

My Go-To's: Songs I can play any time

I don’t need to practice for these, I can play them anywhere any time – may be good for an impromptu jam session:

A bigger list of songs I can play

The next list is songs that I either know well, or have previously played them in bands. I often put this playlist on random and jam along, and am always adding to it.